Donate To The Passion Fund



How is the Passion Fund Funded?

The Passion Fund was started and initially funded by the Wheeler Family Foundation, a donor fund through the National Christian Foundation Heartland*. It was started by Ron and Cindy Wheeler based on estate money they received. That money will eventually bleed out if others do not come alongside to make contributions. An additional $150,000 will make this fund permanently sustainable.

Please consider donating to this foundation (see below for details). Perhaps you have also inherited some money you would like to contribute. Or maybe you are a grandparent or an aunt or uncle of a home school family and have seen the benefits home schooling has had in our culture. Or perhaps you are a home school graduate yourself who saw first hand the benefit home schooling had on you, and now you would like to help others receive the boost you never had. If so, this is a fund worthy of your support.


You can donate by check or online: 

To donate online … click on the “Donate Online” button below.

To donate by check … please make checks out to National Christian Foundation Heartland and write the fund name and ID number (The Passion Fund #1334400) in the memo line on the check. Mail to …

National Christian Foundation, ATTN: Contributions Team, 11625 Rainwater Dr., Suite 500 Alpharetta, GA 30009-8678


*A note from the National Christian Foundation: The Passion Ministry partners with the National Christian Foundation family for charitable giving.  Our Giving Fund with NCF allows us to accept nearly any conceivable gift from our donors – from cash to non-cash asserts such as appreciated publicly traded securities, real estate, business interests, restricted securities, personal property, Loan notes. Estate Gifts, IRA, charitable gift annuities (CGA), etc.  With 30 local teams, unparalleled expertise, and the most creative giving solutions available today, we help Christian families like yours send more to their favorite charities and connect with the larger movement of generosity taking place around the world. Since 1982, we’ve mobilized more than $13 billion for 63,000 charities through a giving platform that includes Giving Funds (donor-advised funds), expert strategies for non-cash giving, highly personalized service, and unique community building opportunities. With hearts set on getting money to charities fast, the NCF community of givers annually recommend grants at twice the rate of other major donor-advised fund providers.